Saturday, March 28, 2009

Choir Tour 2009

This year I was invited to go on Choir tour again. It was a while ago, but I figure it is better late than never, right? We had an awesome time, the Choir was incredible and fun to watch in all of the performances and work-shops that they participated in (well when they weren't looking like death, keep reading).

So we went to Sea World, which was fun because I hadn't been there for several years. Something new that I saw this year was the dolphin experience. I knew that they had dolphins, but I didn't know that you could get up close and personal with them! Here is our video of getting up close and personal with the dolphins (I think I was wet for the rest of the day after this little dolphin encounter!)

This one really was the splasher. I should have noticed, because as we walked up
to do the dolphin encounter, there was a bunch of people that had just gotten soaked
by this same dolphin... Nice!

Here are some fun shots of all of my friends at Sea World and Disneyland

My Friend the Dolphin.
THis is the nice one, not the one that splashes.
The one that splashed through was really good at splashing!

This is me feeding one of the Bat Rays at the bat ray encounter.
They splashed a little too, but nothing like that cute dumb Dolphin!

And there are my friends all trying to force Debbie to feed one of the
ugly scary bat rays. Now she looks like she really wants to do that, right??!

And now to Disneyland:
The happiest place on earth!

Riding the Grizzly River Rapids, This is the Choir Director commanding
the water to stay in the river and to be Calm...? It didn't work,

And there in the tube behind us are some more of our friends.
Hi Friends!

Oh, and the Log Ride (I don't know the real name).
This was when we just were starting out and everyone was still
happy and dry.

Well everyone except for my friend in front of me, who I never really
got a good shot of because either he WAS the shot, or he was OUT
or the shot. There he is though, you can see his back =0)

And the great Fall!
Notice the hands in the Front. That is the choir director's hands.
When he walked off the ride he was SOAKED to the Bone,
and the sun was just starting to go down, so it was chilly.
We didn't do this again the following day in case you were wondering.

And here we are at the end of the ride, You can't see it but the guy in the front,
well his shirt was totally soaked! Good thing it dried quick or he would
has been really cold, as it wasn't the warmest of days at Disneyland...

Those three days (2 days at Disneyland) were the most exciting, but the other days were fun, just not photo fun. The choir sang in the Music in the Parks festival in Disneyland. When we went to the awards festival this year there were far fewer schools than there usually were. That was nice though because we took first in everything that we entered. GO PGHS!

The funny thing is that they sang at 9:30 in the morning. Now this was day 3 of the trip; after one full day at Sea World, and another long day at Disneyland. They were all obviously tired, and many of the students were sick, make that all of the students on bus 1. As luck would have it, the two soloists, of course, had the most severe sore throats and had lost their voices. The male soloist (Tony) was able to sing his part, but you could tell that he wasn't as comfortable as usual. The female soloist however couldn't do anything but mouth the words and try to look alive.

Before the performance I went in to help out with the warm-ups and couldn't help but laugh. Most of the students looked like they had died the night before, and somehow their bodies had been set in place on stage. They looked like hell to tell you the truth, I was worried... Then all of a sudden the stage lights came on, and they all must have come back to life or something, because they started to sound great, and some of them even looked great.

When they got to the solos, Tony did a decent job, so he decided that he could sing his part. Jim (the director) however has to sing the female part, and decided that this was how it was going to have to be for the performance too (His Intro: and this is Jim Wilcock who plays the pitches and sings the solos). It was different, but it actually sounded really good from the audience. I guess the adjudicators liked it becasue we got straight superiors in each of the three categories.

The tour was really fun. I am glad that I have such awesome friends at the school because without them I would have stayed at home, worked like normal, and been stuck in another weekend full of freezing temperatures and ugly white snow. Yay for fun trips!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is it summer yet...

I keep thinking that it should be warm outside, but every time I walk or look outside, it seems that it is snowing, dark, cold, and miserable... Can't we just be done with winter already? I am dying for some heat here!

Maybe I just need to move to this place,