Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New York City 2008

Well I am now planning and starting to pack for my next trip to NYC with the high school Drama team. Ok, so all I really have to do is pack because the drama teacher is incredible and has scheduled everything for us already. We are going to have a Blast! See all the stuff below!

NYC Sites:
- monday -
Empire State Building at Night

- tuesday -
Liberty Island (lady Liberty)
Ellis Island
Ground Zero
China Town
Bodies the exhibit
SHOW: Young Frankenstein (SWEET!, I can't wait...)

- wednesday -
SHOW: The country Girl, staring Morgan Freeman! Really!
Times Square
SHOW: Hamlet in Central Park

- thursday -
Mass and Tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral
Rockefeller Center
Tour of Lincoln center
SHOW: Cat on a hot Tin Roof, Staring tons of famous people!

- friday -
Museum of Natural History
Radio City Music Hall tour, should be setting up for the Tony's
SHOW: South Pacific @ the Lincoln Center

-Saturday -
Matinee performance of the Ballet
Air Train & JFK Airport
SLC Airport =0-(

Then we are home.

Well I will see if I can take some pictures and post them this time, but no promises, K!

Well, I have been busy...

I don't know how people do this! I don't have time to post anything about the awesome cruise that I just went on. I guess I posted the itinerary, well we went to all of those places. we dove four times (two days of two-tank dives and I just about died once(don't loose your weight belt while you are diving, not a good idea)).

The ship was incredible as always. It was huge. Biggest ship that I have cruised yet. It was older though, you could see the wear and tear on the deck and some of the carpet, but it was still nice. We will have to choose a newer and bigger ship next time. The entertainment was interesting if you like seeing butts. We called it the butt show because the dancers were very good at showing off their nice butts that they work so hard keeping, well nice...

The flight home was much better then the flight to PR, so no stories there. The weather in Utah has been sucky, and while until just this week hasn't really even been warm. I haven't pulled out my motorcycle yet this year. I usually start riding it in march or april, but not this year. Too cold and too much snow.