Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New York 2009 - AWESOME!

I just got back from a week in Manhattan New York, probably one of the best trips that I have been on in a long time. Here is a list of the shows that we went to see while we were there:

Billy Elliot
Absolutely INCREDIBLE!
I don't know that there is another way to describe this show
except that we couldn't even believe the talent, the fun, the
energy It was so much fun, everyone should see it!

In The Heights
This was a good show, and a lot of it was in spanish, so
not everyone was able to even follow it.

What a FUN Show! The cast members came out into the audience
several times to interact with us. When they were singing "Hair"
the girl in the canter of this picture came up to our row
(clear in the top) and played with my hair. Did I say FUN!

West Side Story
The talent was incredible! Great voices, dancing, and
spanish (they sang several songs in spanish with the revival)

Shrek the Musical
This show was hilarious, and I loved Lord Farquaad
the best (he did the entire show on his knees!)

Blithe Spirit
Staring Angela Lansbury, Seriously! She is so dang Funny!
She did a little dance around the state the reminded me of my
Grandma. We got her autograph on a playbill, Awesome! =0)

Well besides the shows we had a great time in New York. We were able to go to the Top of the Rock observatory (Top of the Rockefeller Center in the middle of Manhattan). We also ate at some great restaurants, and saw several other fun things that you could only see in New York.

We stayed in a great hotel too, right outside of Times Square. It was an awesome trip and I am sure glad that I was able to go with great fun people. We had a blast and loved every minute of it!

MMMmmm.... Fresh from the Garden!

This is what I picked out of my garden today. Nothing better than a freshly picked strawberry.

I was eating these in fact while I went through all of the pictures that I have taken on my camera in the last little while (New Your and Las Vegas).

Now if only the sun would come out so that the tomatoes and petters could grow... =0)