Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake Powell

Well it was hard, but I had to work almost 2 weeks before going on another trip... I take off Sunday morning to head down to Lake Powell with some family and friends that go down every year. I wasn't able to make it with them last year, and I was devastated, but this year it sounds like it should make up for the lost time. They just bought a new (as in 0 hours) boat that we are taking down, AWESOME!

So my favorite part is the part where phones don't work down at the water level, my computer won't work (well I don't want it to work), and well I really can't be reached by those that I work with on a daily basis at all. I am leaving and not talking to them until I return to work in August. =0)

I do love Lake Powell, and have since I first went down there with my childhood friend and his family. I don't know if it is the beautiful red cliffs, the clean blue water, the nice warm weather, the nice sandy beaches, or the great company that I usually get to go with, but I do so love it.

Yeah, it is not a cruise in the Caribbean, but it is is probably the second best place on earth as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, I hope that y'all have a great week as I know that I will. =0)



The Beckstroms said...

Have fun Bryan! I love Lake Powell too but I've only gotten to go once. It is an amazing place.

Brandon said...

In response to your comment on our blog:

No, our data center was built about 4 years ago on campus (you won't find this published anywhere - but its pretty much a couple stories underneath the Talmage Building).

It's a shared Data Center with the Church - so it's pretty sweet.

As far as technologies, we rolled out 10 gig in our data center and are planning an MPLS rollout in the next 6 months to a year. We're a pure Cisco campus as far as equipment is concerned and use mostly 6500's for core/distribution and 3750 or 3560's for edge.

Fun times.